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  Piano Method

The Mayron Cole Piano method is built on the three basic steps of learning to play the piano: (1) rhythmic reading, (2) keyboard geography, and (3) staff note reading.  The Mayron Cole Group Piano Method is the nation’s leading group piano curriculum.  To learn more go to www.mcpiano.com.  PianoRAMA piano instructors are certified to teach the Mayron Cole Method. 

Piano classes are small groups in which students are grouped according to age and ability.  Our piano classes provide an enjoyable learning experience for children in a relaxed, stress-free environment. Each class is 45 minutes long, allowing time to play review and new pieces and to participate in concept based music games.

Course Descriptions

E-Z Keys/Menehune: This primer piano class is for ages 5-6, begins Fall semester with E-Z Keys and continues in Winter/Spring semester with Menehune. Children learn the first two steps of piano playing readiness: mastery of rhythmic counting and knowledge of keyboard geography.

Level 1: Beginners learn the three steps of piano playing: mastery of rhythmic counting, keyboard geography, and proficient staff note reading. Young Beginner is ages 7-9, and Older Beginner is ages 10-12.

Level 2 Beginners: Students will continue to expand their keyboard knowledge, rhythm, and music reading concepts, and focus on learning the low Bass clef notes.

Level 3 Advanced Beginners: After mastering the bass clef in Level 2, students will move on to more new note in the treble clef, harmony, and beginning piano technique. They will also be introduced to the classics.

Level 4 Early Intermediate: The skills developed in the early levels will be expanded in Level 4.  Students are introduced to triads, chord inversions, compound rhythm, harmony explorations, leger line notes and much more.

Level 5 Intermediate: The music at this level keeps the students motivated by using compound rhythm, 16th note, and triplets.  Classic favorites in their original form include music history lessons.


Play Piano Now

Play Piano Now is a course for adults who have never studied piano before, but have a strong desire to try it out.  Adults learn to play piano easily at a comfortable pace using favorite pieces, while gradually introducing music fundamentals.  In the class, students have time to play the week’s pieces and discuss problems encountered during practice.  The course introduces all the basic concepts of note reading, rhythm, music theory, music symbols, and technique.


Beginner Guitar

The beginner guitar students study basic music concepts, while having fun playing the guitar in a group class.  Course content includes learning to play chords, to accompany in a variety of styles, and to read lead line notation.

Junior Guitar
ages 8 to 11

Older Beginner Guitar
ages 12 to adult



Voice Lessons

Voice students (ages 8 to adult) learn correct and healthy vocal technique while developing confidence and a love of music.


Private Lessons

Private instruction in piano, voice, and guitar is offered based on teacher schedule availability and the individual student’s needs.


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